Zelalem Injera products are all-natural and nutritious. We cannot stress enough the benefits of baking without or with as little self rising flour as heavenly possible. Most injera products on the Market today have about 2500 mg of sodium per 200 g or one Injera. This is not only unhealthy but very unnecessary. Zelalem Injera is committed to producing superior taste and texture without such negative health impacts.

Zelalem Injera is made from Teff flour, Whole Wheat flour, organic whole wheat, organic barley, Rye, Buckwheat, Flax and 5% processed wheat flour.

If you haven’t tried our Injera yet, please choose from one of the following and let us know what you think.

Green Label – This product is the most Whole. We use dark grains, although the texture is the same, the flavor tends to be a bit savory. If you love whole grains and enjoy the earthy aromas and flavors, the Green label is an ideal choice. The Green Label Injera is available in 7pc bags.

Yellow Label – This product uses dark grains such as whole wheat, rye, barley, Teff, buckwheat with processed wheat flour. This keeps the flavor and color a bit on the lighter side. For those who do not care for intense wholegrain flavors, the yellow Label is a perfect choice. The Yellow Label Injera contains 10pcs per bag.

Orange Label – 100% Gluten free ingredients Injera.