We are located in Dallas, Texas and Washington, DC.

Zelalem Injera
2260 25th place ne
washington dc 20018
Tel: 202 640 2624
Email: info@zelaleminjera.com

About Zelalem Injera

The first Injera machine built by Dr. Wudneh Admassu a professor at University of Idaho and Chairman of Department of Chemical Engineering. Dr. Wudneh is a friend of owners of Maru Grocery, Dallas, Texas who participated in research and development of the Injera making machine. Maru Grocery owners were trying to solve the labor intensive and sanitation problem of old traditional process of the making of Injera with Dr. Wudneh.

All this in mind was focusing in Ethiopia major problems which are the environment and women’s health problem.

Zelalem Injera is the most natural and nutritious, while educating our customers about the health benefits of baking with out or less self rising flour which has about 2500 mg of sodium per 200 g or one Injera.

Zelalem Injera is made of processed wheat flour, organic whole wheat, organic barley, Rye, Buckwheat and Teff flour.